3BHK Villa


It’s a double story residential villa. In the exterior, for front elevation in the wall we provided square shaped wall perforations instead of a window because that particular place acted as a sit out. It gave a total different look for the residence.

The outside visual throughout the lightings seemed like holes, also provided glasses to cover the holes for safety purposes. We designed box shaped sun shades for the windows.


Another more feature in the front elevation, we projected roof slab with “L” shape and inverted “L” shape and applied grey color texture paint for the roof slab. Additionally in the first floor we provided louvered type wall with wooden cladding for elevation.

We designed corner window for aesthetic purpose. We avoided hardness in the building and provided glass handrails in the balcony for transparency look.

Coming towards the compound, we provided it with a simple way. We tried plastering beading in the edges of the building to give absolutely finishing look. We provided landscapes before the compound wall to give green spaces

Location – Thuckalay

Type – Residence

Area – 1600 sq.ft

Status – Ongoing

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