Staircase Design


Before going into the staircase designs, we can analyze the basic concepts about the staircase. So we are going to analyze about staircase circulation.

There are two types of circulation, one is horizontal circulation and another one is vertical circulation.


In horizontal circulation, it is about like a pathway, it helps to move forward with certain space. There are some examples for horizontal circulation that are halls, pathways, entry exit, etc.

In vertical circulation, which is used to move towards one floor to another. Most probably this particular vertical staircase designs are used in houses.


There are certain staircase designs that are, L shape, U shape, doglegged staircase and spiral staircase. Here, we are using doglegged staircase.


It is cantilever style, it’s about one side supportive and the other side looks like hanging out. Seeing this image one can identify the design of the cantilever style. It is totally different from the other style of staircases.

 In its beauty it will become richer. So in the first step it is attached towards the bottom and it looks like L shape. But in the second step it is just like a slab.

And we provide alternative slabs for the staircase. For more safety we fixed glasses and it connects towards the two L shape slabs.

  • It’s totally different from the ordinary staircase which is fully built.
  • It negotiates the hardness.
  • The steps on a whole provide a floating appearance
  • To become more trendy look.
  • It admires people and give the feel like “WOW”. It is also under the minimalism concept, which is so simple and neat.


    Location – Thuckalay

    Type – Interiors

    Status – Completed

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